The common household item that can get rid of bed bugs

The common household item that can get rid of bed bugs
What To Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room
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People are concerned about bed bugs coming to the UK following the outbreak in Paris.

The critters have been spotted in the French capital on public transport and around and about and given they are so hard to get rid of, people are feeling icky about the prospect of them making their way into their homes.

But Nigel Bearmen, owner of the cleaning company Daily Poppins, has shared a common household item that can help you get rid of them should they enter your home.

And it is something you probably have in your cupboard - baking soda.

He told the Metro: “Small granules of baking soda can cause internal bleeding due to the fact that they can cut into a bed bug’s shell.”

He recommended those affected start by sprinkling the baking soda onto their bed and around their mattress, and it should eventually dehydrate them which, in some instances, can result in death.

So there you have it, perhaps bed bugs aren't as much of an issue after all...

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