Hypnotic footage shows bees performing 'Mexican wave' shimmering sequence to scare off wasps
Screengrab / Twitter

Every wondered what happens when wasps and bees go head-to-head?

A remarkable video has resurfaced which shows a hive of bees performing a “shimmering” wave to fend off wasps.

The video, captured in Vietnam, shows honeybees performing an audio-like defense wave to ward off wasps. This technique, officially known as ‘shimmering’, where the hive is made to look as though it is performing a Mexican wave, involves the bees pushing their abdomens up into the air.

Each honeybee surrounding outer layer of the hive lifts their abdomen in perfect time to create a ripple effect from one end of to the other for a shimmer-like effect. It’s unclear why wasps seem to be afraid of the wave effect.

On social media, people, err, enjoyed the hypnotic effect of the wave.

Some of the responses to the viral clip were unorthodox to say the least.

It just goes to show: don’t mess with the bees… even if you’re a wasp.

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