Belle Delphine reveals she lost huge amount of money from selling her bathwater

Belle Delphine reveals she lost huge amount of money from selling her bathwater
Belle Delphine Shares Her Biggest L - Know Your Meme / VideoElephant

OnlyFans star Belle Delphine has revealed the large amount of money she lost from selling her bathwater, calling it her “biggest L”.

Delphine rose to fame as a social media personality thanks to her style of cosplay modelling and has claimed she earns a decent amount of money from videos on OnlyFans.

But, one endeavour that she said has actually lost her money was trying to sell her bathwater in jars online.

Delphine revealed the 2019 venture has ended up costing her around $90,000 USD (£72,000). At the time, she went viral after announcing the plan to sell her bathwater for around $30 per jar.

It was branded as GamerGirl Bath Water and was reported to have sold out fast, with Delphine herself suggesting that it was a great money-making scheme for her.

Belle Delphine

In a February podcast with Louis Theroux, she suggested she had sold 600 units and made a total of $18,000 (£14,300) from the bathwater she sold.

Now, the star has revealed in a post on X/Twitter that she lied and has in fact lost money, after alleging PayPal unexpectedly closed down her account.

She explained: “Since it’s been a couple years now I can finally share the biggest L I’ve ever taken. Not only did I not earn any money selling my bathwater, I in fact LOST money doing it.”

After explaining that her account was shut down by PayPal for breaking the terms and conditions, she said she continued to lie and claim she made money because “it would be a better news story”.

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