People think they've found Ben Affleck's secret Instagram – and it's only followed by three people
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Everyone has a finsta now, apparently.

Given how many people are on Instagram – and how many of us probably still have friends from high school, a nosy great aunt and exes as followers – it’s easy to understand why you might want a space with a little more privacy. That probably applies even more if you’re a famous celebrity, such as Ben Affleck.

On Twitter earlier this week, someone found an instagram account that they thought might be his – and there seems to be actual evidence.

The instagram account’s handle is Positive Attitude Hunting – which is a reference to Good Will Hunting, the 90s film that Affleck and Damon co-wrote which launched their careers.

Another person on Twitter pointed out that the account was followed by Jennifer Garner, who used to be married to Affleck. There are 2 other followers, one of which might be his current girlfriend Ana de Armas.

The bio also says, “just a dad who makes movies” and then has a link to the website of a charity that Affleck founded, called the Eastern Congo Initiative.

This isn’t the first time that a well known figure has been caught out by their social media habits.

James Comey, the former head of the FBI – so a different kind of fish – has a private Twitter account too, which a reporter at Slate discovered last year.

The reporter who found this finsta account said that they had been looking to find out why de Armas was reported not to be following Affleck on Instagram by Insider. He does have a public facing Instagram account too, which he has used to comment on de Armas’ photos before, like the very well publicised sunset photoshoot that she posted on her Instagram.

While they were looking at the accounts that Armas follows, they stumbled on this account above. In the bio, it also just says ‘Ben’. The display picture on the account is obviously Affleck, with someone. Who knows what he's posting – another one of his back tattoos?

Some people on Twitter wondered why he had named the account after one of his own movies.

If de Armas is one follower, and Garner is another – who could the third be?

Some say it could be Matt Damon, to finish out the holy trifecta...

We can only hope that's true.

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