Irish MEP candidate Ben Gilroy has become an overnight Twitter sensation thanks to his inadvertently hilarious campaign video.

In the clip which was shared on Facebook on Sunday, Gilroy, who is running for election in Dublin addresses key issues that he hopes to tackle as an MEP such as state corruption, constitution violations, stealing wealth, unlawful elections and national broadcaster RTE, who have banned him from debating on the network.

To emphasise just how hard he is going to be on these subjects, Gilroy literally smashes them (well, the words written on a very flimsy wall) with a hurling stick.

He also tries to hit a picture of himself but because he is so 'tough' the stick just ricochets off the wall.

We're sure Gilroy was attempting to convey something serious here but the opposite has happened and he has become a hilarious viral meme.

Others have criticised his hurling skills which don't appear to be up to scratch.

For some reason here is a version set to 'Let it Go' from Frozen.

And yes...there are Simpsons memes.

HT Irish Examiner

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