The right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro has attempted to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the fresh sexual assault claims aimed at Brett Kavanaugh because no one is yet to describe to supreme court judge's genitals.

This comes amidst new accusations that are being aimed at Kavanaugh, from a former classmate of his at Yale University who said that they saw him push his private parts into the hand of a female student at a dorm party.

The account had not been previously made public and the FBI are yet to investigate the incident. This comes nearly a year after Kavanaugh was heavily scrutinised and questioned over the alleged sexual assault of Christine Blasey Ford.

However, Shapiro isn't completely convinced by this story, as by his approximation, no one is yet to describe what Kavanaugh's genitals actually look like.

We’ve had a bevy of public figures in recent years, who have had their genitalia described on national television by people who alleged sexual assault.

Right, Stormy Daniels famously described President Trump’s genitalia, Bill Clinton’s genitalia, details of such were talked about.

Nobody has yet described Kavanaugh’s genitalia—now that’s not dispositive, maybe they were generic, who knows.

Yes, that's a real thing that a grown man said.

Shapiro's query has been torn to shreds by folks on Twitter, who questioned if the 35-year-old actually understands what sexual assault is while also lamenting him for disregarding a claim of sexual assault, whether he believes it or not.

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