Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro calls Andrew Neil ‘left-wing’ in excruciating BBC interview

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro calls Andrew Neil ‘left-wing’ in excruciating BBC interview

Right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro was torn apart by Andrew Neil in an excruciating interview.

The conservative writer prides himself on his debating skills and use of “facts” but he was left irritated when Neil subjected some of his past comments to scrutiny.

Shapiro is a supporter of Georgia’s controversial abortion laws and has previously falsely claimed that the “majority of Muslims have been radicalised”.

When Neil questioned him on his views on abortion, Shapiro bizarrely accused Neil (the chairman of conservative-leaning magazine The Spectator) of being “on the left”.

You can watch the full interview here:

Other highlights included Shapiro saying that the phrase “human life exists at conception” was “science” and lashing out at Neil by saying he “doesn’t give a damn what you think of me” before angrily ending the interview.

Some people criticised the BBC earlier in the day for choosing to have Shapiro on the show.

The editor of Politics Live, Rob Burley, explained the BBC’s reasoning for interviewing him:

And when it aired, some people enjoyed the interview - if only because it was a chance to see Shapiro visibly uncomfortable under pressure.

Shapiro even apologised for incorrectly claiming Neil is left-wing.

However, others were unconvinced by the BBC's explanation.

Shapiro may have been robustly questioned but some were concerned that wouldn't counter the publicity from the interview.

All publicity is good publicity - even if you're filmed throwing a tantrum on live TV.

However, at least we can all agree that Ben Shapiro is not the elite debater the American right-wing like to think he is.

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