These are the most embarrassing moments from Boris Johnson’s week to forget

These are the most embarrassing moments from Boris Johnson’s week to forget

Even people who don’t follow politics know that Boris Johnson has had a bad week.

After a bounce in the polls following his election as Conservative leader, the prime minister has been forced to face the harsh reality of his political situation with a serious of bruising defeats, humiliating public appearances and a full-blown civil war in his party.

Even Dominic Raab, Johnson’s foreign secretary, admitted that it’s been a “rough week” on Sunday.

This is how Johnson’s week from hell went down…


By the standard of the rest of the week, this was a good day for the prime minister.

After being criticised by then-Conservative MPs David Gauke and Philip Hammond, Johnson stood outside parliament and said he would never delay Brexit.

However, you might not have heard him because he was being drowned out by protesters chanting “stop the coup”.


This is where things start to get really embarrassing.

In one afternoon, Johnson was torn apart at his first prime ministers’ questions and then saw his majority disappear right before his eyes, when MP Phillip Lee dramatically defected to the Lib Dems.

The PM received a particularly painful dressing-down from Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, a Labour MP who called out the prime minister on his offensive comments about Muslim women and other minority groups.

Then in the evening, the government lost a vote on blocking no-deal and Johnson was forced to kick 21 MPs out of his party…


Johnson’s humiliation didn’t quite reach the levels of the night before on Tuesday but he still managed to become the first PM to lose their first three votes in parliament, when MPs blocked his bid to call an early general election.

He also received a brutal rebuke by former Tory MP Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Johnson's idol Winston Churchill.

Soames had members of parliament openly laughing at the prime minister, when he said Johnson’s “serial disloyalty has been an inspiration” to the Conservatives rebels.


After a slight break to catch his breath, Johnson’s political career sunk to astounding new depths on Thursday when his own brother Jo quit the government because he didn’t believe the PM was working in the “national interest”.

Cue a very obvious joke…

Johnson might have hoped he could find some relief by leaving Westminster and travelling to Morley in Yorkshire.

Unfortunately for him, the prime minister was ambushed by angry locals – including one man who politely told Johnson to “Please leave my town”:

Later that afternoon, Johnson left police officers waiting for so long in the sun that one woman became so exhausted that she had to sit down.

He also delivered one of the most embarrassingly bad jokes ever seen at a political press conference…


Johnson mostly kept quiet on Friday but it was one of his past comments that came back to haunt him, when Sky News dug up his handwritten note describing David Cameron as a “girly swot”.

Unsurprisingly, some of the country’s top female MPs had something to say about that…


The prime minister very nearly got through a day without a major embarrassment yesterday – although he was told he's potentially at risk of going to jail if he refuses parliament’s no-deal law.

However, the hope of a disaster-free day was dashed just after 9pm, when Amber Rudd announced that she was resigning the Conservative whip and quitting the government.

In her resignation statement, Rudd denounced Johnson’s “assault on decency and democracy” and accused him of “political vandalism” – yikes.

We don't even have time to get into all the other embarrassing moments for the Tories this week as well.

This chaos is surely not what Conservatives members were expecting when they elected Johnson as their leader.

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