Benjamin Netanyahu's new video has to be seen to be believed

Benjamin Netanyahu's campaign is in full swing ahead of Israel's elections next month.

His latest video, released yesterday, is even worse than the decidedly unnerving 'babysitter' themed one, which claimed Netanyahu was the only appropriate figure to look after Israel's children. It shows actors dressed as Isis militants in a truck which has a bumper sticker that reads "just not Bibi" on it.

The 'militants' meet another driver and ask him in Hebrew "how do we get to Jerusalem?" to which the man replies "take a left." “The left will give in to terror,” a message on the screen reads.

Introducing the video on Facebook, Netanyahu made a dig at his leftist opponents, writing: "This time choose Likud headed by Netanyahu or a weak and submissive leftist government with Tzipi [Livni]."

The rap which is played on the video is in Arabic and according to a translation by Haaretz says: "Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to be buried in the soil where my grandfather is buried. And ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to be a soldier and belong to Fatah, Hamas and Abbas.”

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