The best time to visit anywhere in the world


As the weather warms up, more and more people are travelling to holiday destinations all over the world.

Ryan Whitackerhas created an interactive map that will tell you precisely the best place to visit in the world – and when.

Using 35 million lines of data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) he displays average temperatures and precipitation levels globally, for “any given area by week”. You can pick out the date, and select your own temperature preferences. The map will respond by showing you the best places to visit, using a little dot.

Whitacker wrote:

I often found myself searching Google for things like, “best places to visit in January” or “best time to visit Spain.”

I was almost always disappointed with the results. I’d usually find anecdotes and broad date ranges with no supporting data whatsoever. In most cases I got the feeling that recommendations were coming from paid authors who had never even been to the place, let alone often enough to make a date recommendation.

Summer holidays begin the week commencing 17 July...

According to the graph, the places to visit at this time are various cities in Cuba, South America...

Picture:Picture: DecisionData/screengrab/Cuba

... As well as parts of Africa, like Nigeria, Mali and Mauritania:

Picture:Picture: DecisionData/screengrab

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