Trump supporters are actually criticising Biden’s dogs following a ‘biting incident’

Trump supporters are actually criticising Biden’s dogs following a ‘biting incident’

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s two dogs have been sent back to the family home in Delaware after a “biting incident”.

German Shepherds, Champ and Major moved into the White House with the Bidens shortly after their inauguration. However their stay was short-lived following aggressive behaviour from the younger of the two, CNN reports.

The Bidens adopted Major, 3, from the Delaware Humane Association (DHA) in 2018. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Champ has been in the family since he was three months old, once living at One Observatory Circle in Washington DC while Biden served as Barack Obama’s vice president.

Major has been known to display agitated behaviour, including jumping, barking, and “charging” at White House staff. It is thought he had a “biting incident” with a member of security.

While the victim’s condition is not known, the event was serious enough that the dogs were sent back to Wilmington.

Major and Champ have been known to stay at the family home with their minder when the first lady is out of town.

Shortly before Biden’s inauguration, a special ceremony was held for Major to mark the occasion.

The DHA hosted a virtual ‘indoguaration’ to honour to pet, raising more than $200,000 for charity while bringing awareness to shelter pets.

Biden had made a point of bringing pets back to the White House as Donald Trump was one of the few presidents in history not to have an animal on site.

However, given the current political climate in the US, Republicans and critics of Biden have been quick to jump on this story as an excuse to shame the president.

Others did defend the pooches.

This comes just a few weeks after a Newsmax host attacked Champ for not looking “presidential enough.”

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