For millions of Americans, today is a good day.

Four days after the election, a winner has finally been declared by all major news networks, and it's Joe Biden.

Projections show Biden having won the popular vote and the electoral college thanks to his flipping of key states, and he did so with the highest number of votes of any president in American history.

As the reality that Trump will no longer be president within three short months hit American citizens, a wave of emotion seemed to rush over the country.

While Biden wasn't the first choice for those on the more liberal end of the Democratic spectrum, people still thought it was cause to celebrate.

And it's not just on social media – parties and celebrations are taking over streets in major cities in America.

Including outside the White House.

In New York:

Atlanta, Georgia:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

San Fracisco, California:

And Chicago, Illinois, among others:

Miley Cyrus's 2009 hit 'Party in the USA' is having quite a moment.

Even Fox News couldn't ignore the outpouring of support for Biden's win.

While most people could be seen wearing masks and many appeared to be observing social distancing rules, that wasn't the case for every celebration.

People were quick to remind the jubilant crowds that Covid-19 is still out there, and more people than ever are testing positive for the virus – Friday saw infections surpass the previous high of 125,000 per day.

By all means enjoy the moment, but stay safe folks!

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