Sweden's badass bikini police officer has just quit her job

Mikaela Kellner/Instagram

The police officer who made global headlines after making an arrest in her bikini has quit her job, citing inferior working conditions following a reorganisation of her police force.

Mikaela Kellner hit the headlines when she chased, subdued, and arrested a thief in a Stockholm park while off-duty.

An off duty police officer doing their bit is usually restricted to local newspapers, but Kellner was sunbathing at the time, so her story went viral.

At the time, the detained thief had tried to steal from Kellner and her friends while they sunbathed in Rålambshovsparken, unaware she was a member of the police force.

Snatching her mobile phone, Kellner quickly realised an gave chase, pinning the man down.

A photo of the incident posted to Instagram has been liked over 23,000 times.

Now, Kellner is leaving the police after 11 years of service, to become a personal trainer.

Speaking to Swedish newspaper Expressen, Kellner attributed her move to a recent "restructuring" or the police force.

In January 2015 Sweden's police was reorganised from 21 county forces into seven regional forces.

A report published in September 2016 criticised the new Swedish Policy Authority for failing to prioritise local police work, a sentiment which was echoed by police unions.

Kellner told Expressen:

The main reason is that I've not felt comfortable with the recent reorganisation. I do not think that personnel are being treated fairly, as they should.

With regards to her new career choice, Kellner said:

[The job of police officer] has become a bit like a second identity, and I feel bad about not doing a good job.

Kellner at first took a year's leave in order to consider a new career, before deciding to embrace her ambition of becoming a personal trainer.

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