Bill Clinton's face says absolutely everything right now

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 10 October 2016 12:30
(Picture: AP)

There are precisely 28 days left before the US presidential elections, and after the second debate, which was called the most toxic and ill - tempered presidential debate in history, people are a little worried.

None are more scared for the country's future, it seems, than former president Bill Clinton.

This is a photograph taken at the debate on Sunday:

Picture: Jim Bourg/AP Images(Picture: Jim Bourg/AP Images)

You can see the naked fear in his eyes, can't you?

Some saw a man who is fathoming the horrors of what he reportedly helped to unleash:

Clinton's team told the Washington Post the presidential race did not come up at all during the conversation, whereas Trump sources say Clinton encouraged him.

So this one might be off a bit.

Others see a man who is angry that his integrity is being questioned by Trump's fixation on his infidelity:

Others see a man fearful for himself (and his countrymen):

Others see a man fearful for his wife, Hillary, who appeared to be stalked by a phantom menace Trump

Picture: Paul J Richards/Getty(Picture: Paul J Richards/Getty)

So fearful that you can see...


...the whites of his eyes.

Be afraid.

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