John Oliver just said all you need to hear about Donald Trump this week

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The second US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took place on Sunday night.

Among many highlights, Trump made it clear that if he were to become president, he’d put Clinton in jail for deleting over 30,000 emails from her private server.

Trump has been batting away accusations of sexism for days, apologising for remarks made in 2005 after the Washington Post published a damning Access Hollywood video on Friday.

In the video, Trump made sexist comments about women, including the claim that being a "star" meant he could "grab [women] by the p---y".

Billy Bush, also featured in the video, was suspended by NBC from his show Today.

Enter John Oliver, who dissected America's state of affairs in Last Week Tonight :

Last Sunday I told you if you looked above the clouds, you would see rock bottom. But – but if you look up there now – just way way up there, all the way up high you will see, right up in the distance where we were this time last week.

Because since then we have sunk so low we are breaking through the earth’s crust where drowning in boiling magma will come as sweet sweet relief.

Well then.

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Oliver found some inconsistencies in Trump's subsequent apology:


I never said I’m a perfect person.

Except he did.


I never pretended to be someone I’m not.

However, he follows it up with "these words do not reflect who I am...".

So which is it?

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Attempts by the Trump camp to defuse the situation went about as well as you’d expect.

Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, attempted a deflection - when asked about the video, he said:

You know, what we don’t know – and I’m not trying to change the subject here – we don’t have any understanding what Hillary Clinton has said in those meetings with Wall Street where she was paid for these speeches. She’s never released those transcripts, for all we know, same things were being said in that regard.

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You have to give him credit for the impressive avoidance of an answer.

As Oliver quickly pointed out, WikiLeaks published a number of excerpts from the meetings, and while Clinton had said some “compromising” statements, she never said anything along the lines of:

I am for open trade and I am for open borders but above all I am for luring men to furniture stores where I can grab them by the d--k.

You can watch the rest of the takedown video below:

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