Former weatherman Bill Giles says climate change is good for the UK as it will boost tourism
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A former weatherman has insisted climate change will be good for the United Kingdom as it’ll aid tourism.

Bill Giles, 79 and old enough to know better, made the extraordinary claims during an appearance on Good Morning Britain and in an article written for the Radio Times:

We have 10 years or so to grasp the nettle and make sure that, due to climate change, we tap into the trend of warmer, more predictable summers and make the leisure and holiday industries the backbone of our post-Brexit economy. Climate change is on our side, and now is the time to start planning for it.

He went on to state:

This won’t just be from families here – people all over the world, and especially in Europe, could be seduced to come and enjoy the UK as our climate becomes more acceptable and their own becomes unbearably hot. I’m confident that the world’s scientists will find a way of slowing climate change, perhaps by the middle of the century.

Judging by these words and the evidence of his DVD collection, Giles is not a man to be trusted.

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