Bin men find pensioner's entire life savings in tins of Bisto


As many of us with elderly family members will know, shoving rolled up notes into old biscuit tins is actually a surprisingly popular method of saving.

One gran took that one step further, by saving £20,000 in several old tins of Bisto gravy.

The woman’s family had thrown out the tins, not realising just how precious their contents was. They rushed down to the dump to try and fix their mistake, enlisting the help of two workers, Kenny McAdam and Tony Scanlon.

McAdam and Scanlon, in Scotland, spent two hours hunting through old rubbish bags for the containers.

Scanlon said:

I was in the digger and we were trying to feel the weight of the bags.

I found one of the tins and then Kenny came across the other four of them. What a feeling.

The helpful pair were empathetic to the cause, with McAdam saying, “It makes you think about your own wee granny and how you would feel if it was her,”

Reportedly, the two have previously come to the aid of people who’ve lost items like rings and car keys.

That’ll teach us all to take a closer look at our grandparents’ “rubbish” when we help them to clear out.


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