Noah Cooper got internet famous due to his sweet friendship with his neighbourhood’s bin men.

The six-year-old boy, from West Virginia started every Thursday morning waiting for the bin lorry filled with men who empty the bins along his road.

It all began six months ago when he saw the garbage men and wanted to give them a hug, his mum Tracey Cooper tells indy100.

This all started about 6 months ago when he saw the garbage men and wanted to hug them. I stopped the driver and explained Noah was autistic and he wanted [a hug]. They immediately jumped out of the truck for a Noah hug.

He loves the big trucks and loves watching them throw the bags into the back of it.

The two sanitation workers, called Jacob Yoder and Mark Stephens, look forward to seeing their buddy every morning, who made cookies and gave fast food gift cards as presents.

Noah, too was excited, and got his parents to set an alarm “so we don’t miss them.”

And on the days he slept through his alarm? His mates waited for him.

“If we aren’t outside waiting...they literally sit and wait for us to come outside...they don’t want to disappoint their number one fan!”

“He loves to give them things,” she told indy100.

...cookies, homemade pepperoni rolls, drinks, and even gift cards to places to eat around her. In Noah’s own words he says they are his friend.

They even gave him a chair so he can sit and watch for out for his friends

Yoder and Stephens gave Noah some presents too, including a toy garbage truck, and a hat.

Picture: Tracey Cooper

The cuteness is too much.

Tracey documents their friendship through Facebook videos and Noah, who is autistic, loves watching them.

And does Noah realise that he’s basically won over the world with his adorable dedication to his friends

“He does realise how big this has gotten and he loves the attention,” Tracey said.

People call him a celebrity so he calls himself that now. People have put picture up in their stores of the news story and had him autograph it.

He also was invited to a pizza establishment here locally yesterday to make his own pizza. More importantly though he just loves people and it doesn’t matter if they are garbage men, store clerks, drs, police, etc...he has a heart of gold and people are seeing that Noah’s hugs will brighten anyone’s day.

And what does he want to be when he’s older?

Of course he says a trash man.


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