A viral video shows a white man pointing a rifle at a group of black bikers who were parked and taking a break.

This video, which was posted on Youtube earlier this week, shows a white man with a rifle pointing it at a group of black bikers who had parked on what was later revealed to be private property.

One of the bikers explained that one of the men in the group used to live in this neighbourhood. He pointed out that they were just taking a break and would be on their way soon.

The man, who has since been identified, said that it was private property and that he was going to take one of them out. He can be seen swinging the rifle around, and doesn’t move or put the rifle down even after the bikers explain the situation.

The men can be heard calling the police after they explain that they’ve done nothing wrong, and that the man is still swinging the rifle and being aggressive even after they’ve explained what they’re doing.

Videos like this have been going viral on social media for a couple of years. However, in recent weeks, more people may be paying attention as protests have swept the world – after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers.

This video was posted on a Youtube channel with over 810,000 subscribers, which led to it going viral on Reddit too. There was a sign marking that property as private, but the bikers said that they hadn't seen it.

The Spotsylvania police department said that the man in question was arrested for brandishing a firearm, and was released on a 5000 dollar bond.

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