Neighbour calls police on 12 year-old African-American boy for mowing their lawn for free

Neighbour calls police on 12 year-old African-American boy for mowing their lawn for free

In news that makes us want to scream into a pillow then sit in a quiet darkened room, Ohio residents called the police on a 12-year-old boy and his young siblings who mowed their lawn.

Yes, really.

Reginald “Reggie” Fields has been spending his summer mowing lawns at his local Maple Heights neighbourhood to earn some spending money.

Helped by his siblings and cousins, he had agreed to cut the grass for Lucille Holt but crossed over into her neighbour's garden by accident. This was an easy mistake to make, because the yards are not separated and run on from each other.

Rather than be delighted with the free lawn trim, which was clearly done in good faith, the furious neighbours called the police.

The moment police arrived was captured on video, which has since gone viral.

Holt said that the children had been behaving perfectly and were innocently mowing the lawn. She added that most people would be pleased to see children eager to display a strong work ethic.

They should be glad these kids aren't here breaking their cars windows out. They should be glad they aren't here stealing their cars. 

They called the police because the kids were cutting their grass. Who does that?

Maple Heights Police Department said an officer responded but no action was taken against Reggie or his relatives.

Reggie's mother Brandy Marie Fields was also dumbfound, writing on Facebook:

This is what happens when your kids are doing positive things in maple. The police show up. SMH.

Holt's viral video sparked outrage online where the neighbour was widely condemned for wasting police time.

On brighter note, Reggie's business is now going from strength to strength. People from all over the surrounding area are now asking him to mow their lawns and the family have also received donations of gardening equipment to expand the business.

H/T: Daily Mail

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