<p>Suburban neighbourhood</p>

Suburban neighbourhood


A police officer has sparked outrage after questioning a Black man outside his own house and requesting his ID.

The incident took place on the driveway of a suburban neighbourhood, the footage of which has been uploaded to Instagram, TikTok and Reddit.

In the clip the officer questions the man, who is recording, about why he had seen him on the front porch, walking around the house and in the backyard.

“Is this your house?” asked the officer.

The man questioned the reason for asking and the officer then requested to see his ID.

“No...What’s wrong with you man? Why I’m gonna give you my ID for?” the resident replied.

“Because I don’t know whose house this is,” the police officer responded.

The man continued to question the officer’s motive. “Why you think I’m walking round somebody's house?”

The officer later claimed he would leave if everything was “legit”.

The man goes on to say that his yard had just been cut and that he had walked around to see it, after which the officer acknowledged he did witness the workman leave in a truck.

In response, the resident said: “So if you see anybody walking, standing out their house, you gonna stop them and say whose house this is?”

After more exchanges, the man repeatedly confirmed it was his house and asked what he had to do: “I got to show you my ID to be in front of my house?”

Another officer then appears in the video after the first policeman seemed to have called for back-up.

At the end of the clip, the man recording spoke directly into the camera, and claimed: “They said I don’t stay here because the house is nice.”

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