Black teenager accused of denting car proves innocence to councilman

We have all had arguments in our lives where we wish we could prove beyond all doubt we were in the right with the kind of incontrovertible evidence that cannot be dismissed.

In America, with tensions rising and a divisive leader tweeting racist attacks on his opponents most days, it is a frightening time for people of colour. The most troubling aspect, of course, is that the figures of authority seem to be failing the black community and faith in the police is at an all-time low.

One glorious moment posted on Twitter shows St. Louis City Council member Timothy Jones harassing a black teenager in a McDonald’s parking lot. Jones is adamant the boy has dented his car but he’s not able to jump to the conclusion entirely unchallenged.

While filming the councilman, the boy shows that his door does not open up and line up with the dent in question. He is proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. Does his accuser proceed to apologise profusely? Of course not.

The teen’s sister shared the video with the words:

I taught my brother well... 17 years old and respectfully made a fool out of this St. Louis Councilman who tried to harass him today... You really hate to see it...

He might not have got the apology he deserved but the teen showed exactly what kind of person he is and won the admiration of people far and wide. The councilman? Not so much.

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