Black woman perfectly trolls racists with GoFundMe asking them to pay for her to 'go back to my country'

One woman has had enough of racists telling her to “go back to her own country” – and she’s putting their prejudice to good use.

Jordene Phillips has set up a GoFundMe campaign titled, “Racist people fund me to leave London,” with the money raised ostensibly going towards her moving to Jamaica.

What better way to face up to racists than to challenge them to put their money where their mouth is?

“I am a black woman who hates living in London due to the racist idiots who tell me to go back to my country,” the page’s description reads. “This GoFundMe is for them. They want me to go. I will happily leave.”

She continues:

The British Government brought my ancestors here and lied to them. Now I’m born in this crap. They see my island as a holiday destination but tell my people it is violent and evil. They have convinced young British born Jamaicans that there’s no opportunities there. Listen, I’m done talking init. PAY FOR MY TICKET DEN SINCE YUH BAD!

Racists must be really eager to open their wallets – after only a day since her GoFundMe campaign began, Phillips has already raised £140 and counting, though her campaign still got a way to go before it reaches its £5,000 target.

Several have found the GoFundMe page and of course, they applaud her.

Being told to “go back to your own country” is a regular occurrence for many people of colour, whether they’re just minding their own business or speaking out against the government. It’s a particularly problematic and nationalist saying as if being critical of the country you live in is somehow unpatriotic.

But if racists are going to keep saying the phrase, you may as well take advantage.

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