There's one slight problem with this ‘Blacks for Trump’ sign

There's one slight problem with this ‘Blacks for Trump’ sign

Donald Trump was at a Republican rally in one of the most significant 'battleground states' on Tuesday - Florida.

While there, he delivered a thunderous speech about the states he thinks he will win - Iowa and Texas being two of many.

Trump also celebrated how prolific his hat collection (which his campaign actually spent more money on than polling) has become:

I noticed that a lot of the people online – you see the pictures – they’re wearing the red hat, the white hat; this hat. They’re wearing buttons all over the place. I think those are people that are inclined to vote for us.

Between June and September, new FEC filings suggest, the Trump campaign spent $3.2m on hats

His supporters held up placards with slogans like 'Make America Great Again' and 'LGBT For Trump'. Among them, two caught his eye.

Pausing his speech, he turned around and commended the people holding two placards reading 'Blacks for Trump':

He said:

I love the signs behind me ‘Blacks for Trump’ I love those signs. Blacks for Trump. You watch. You watch.

There was one slight problem with his observation...

Oh dear.

It appears the 'black' supporter Trump had turned around to congratulate had actually been a white woman.

Here she is again:

People on Twitter were not impressed

However a closer look at the video shows that there was, in fact, more than one African American holding signs:

A recent CBS News poll indicated the Republican candidate has just 4 per cent support of black voters, and given his disparaging comments about Barack Obama’s birthplace and African Americans in general, that comes as little surprise.

In fact, last month Obama said that any black person who intends to vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming elections is personally insulting him.

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