This Blockbuster video store's Twitter account is incredible

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Kids, back in the old days the only way to watch recently-released films at home was to rent them from the video store.

Browsing the shelves for a film to entertain you on an evening was a true art.

You didn't want to get stuck with a dud and wanted to impress your mates with something good that they had never seen before.

The people who had all the power though were the staff.

They were the gatekeepers with the authority to fine you for returning a film late or give you a telling off for failing to rewind the tape.

Yes, folks, we remember VHS.

This was long before the days of Netflix and other streaming services came along, turning everyone into couch potatoes who consume an entire series with the click of a button.

The boom of these services practically wiped out the video rental store - but one of it's biggest retailers, Blockbuster, is still hanging in there. Sort of.

Earlier this year CBSreported that only 12 Blockbusters are still active in the world, nine in Alaska and three in Texas.

It's a sad decline for a business that once boasted 9,000 stores around the globe.

Their decline is Twitter's gain, however, as a account claiming to operate one of the last Blockbuster stores in existence is hitting every note.

Named 'The Last Blockbuster' it claims to be located between 3rd and Main in the Oak Lawn Shopping Centre, which may or may not be a real address.

Slowly the account has been gaining more and more attention and it's easy to see why:

They aren't afraid of being a little self deprecating either:

They aren't afraid of telling their customers to abide by the time honoured rewind rule:

They definitely aren't shy are airing a few of their personal grievances on the account either.

Politics isn't out of reach either:

If you are doubting the legitimacy of this account, then they have taken a number of pictures which have definitely convinced us:

They even did an interview with The Daily Dot where they explained why they consider themselves to be superior to Netflix and Amazon.

 How many times have you struggled to figure out what to watch on Netflix?

All the time, I bet.

Here, we always ask the right questions to help you pick out the perfect action flick, family comedy, or softcore adult film for your movie night.

The Internet is entertained, even if no one is renting their DVD's.

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