If you thought the situation in the Suez Canal was bizarre wait until you hear what happened in Florida this week.

Somehow, on Thursday evening, a 38-foot-long boat landed in the middle of Interstate 10 near Crestview and ended up blocking westbound traffic on the freeway for hours.

The pink and white vessel didn’t just fall out of the sky. It was reportedly being hauled along on a trailer connected to a pick-up truck being driven by a 64-year-old man from Pensacola.

However, when the trailer began to sway it, unfortunately, hit a guardrail and was dumped onto the road causing widespread disruption.

Thankfully there were no injuries and the Crestview Fire Department were able to clear the scene, while the Florida Highway Patrol was able to remove the boat.

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Crestview Fire Department shared pictures of the wreckage on Facebook.

Inevitably, the incident drew a lot of comparisons to the ongoing blockage of the Suez Canal in Eastern Africa, after one of the world’s largest container ships, the Ever Given, became wedged in the slipway, which is responsible for 12 per cent of the world’s shipping trade.

The ship became stuck on Tuesday due to an intense sandstorm and is still there, with experts predicting that it could take weeks to remove and get the route back to normal.

Things were quite as catastrophic in Florida but the internet couldn’t help but make jokes.

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