Man ‘sends bomb threat to McDonald’s after not getting sauce with his nuggets’

<p>McDonalds typically offer a dipping sauce if you order their chicken McNuggets</p>

McDonalds typically offer a dipping sauce if you order their chicken McNuggets

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A man was apparently so peeved off about not getting sauce with his chicken nuggets that he called a fake bomb threat on the McDonald’s branch he ordered from, it is claimed.

We can all agree that it’s a bit annoying when things are left out of an order, but that alleged response is extreme to say the least.

After discovering his sauce was missing from his order, Robert Golwitzer Jr. called the restaurant and threatened staff, WHO13 reported police as saying.

One of those alleged threats included threatening to punch the employee, but it apparently escalated to him threatening to blow up the restaurant.

All for a small pot of sauce.

Robert Golwitzer Jr was arrested after allegedly threatening to blow up a McDonald’s restaurant for forgetting his saucePolk County Jail

The McDonald’s branch reported the bomb threat to the police, and Golwitzer Jr. was arrested by police in Ankeny, Iowa on Saturday, June 29.

The 42-year-old was charged with making a “false report of explosive or incendiary device,” which is a felony crime in the state, according to KCCI news.

Golwitzer Jr. stayed in jail overnight and was released on bond the next day.

In America, McDonald’s offers a wide range of sauces including creamy ranch sauce, honey mustard sauce and spicy buffalo sauce.

In the UK, customers can choose ketchup, BBQ sauce, sweet curry dip and sweet and sour sauce as their dip.

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