Decision to rename tube station for London Fashion Week condemned by TfL passengers

Decision to rename tube station for London Fashion Week condemned by TfL passengers
London Underground celebrates 160th anniversary

People in the capital have criticised Transport for London over its confusing decision to temporarily change the name of a tube station for London Fashion Week.

Central London tube station Bond Street was given a temporary rebrand when its signage was changed to read “Burberry Street” both inside and outside the station.

The change was made as part of an advertising campaign to coincide with London Fashion Week, which runs from 15 September - 19 September 2023.

However, the decision has left both tourists and locals baffled and appears to have caused some confusion among vulnerable TfL customers looking for the West End station.

On X/Twitter, someone posted: “Cannot get over the stupidity of TfL renaming Bond St ‘Burberry St’ for the sake of ad partnership.

“Some poor elderly man just asked me in a panic if he’d missed Bond St (3 stops past Bond St). This must happen hundreds of times a day.”

It seems they weren’t the only ones to have noticed and taken issue with the temporary rebrand in the name of advertising.

The conservative youth movement Turnin Point UK added: “Was thinking this the other day as I almost missed the stop.

“Made me think about disabled, elderly and tourist passengers who are going to be confused for no apparent reason. Our history and heritage should not be for sale.”

Another wrote: “Someone just asked me, flustered, if we were at Bond Street and then I saw this. I think people have had enough.”

It’s not only tourists who have fallen victim to the name change, as sleepy locals have also experienced a panic about where they are.

“I came back from holiday this weekend and having not slept for about 22 hours got the Central line home around 1am and had an intense ‘where the f**k am I?’ moment.”

A Transport for London spokesperson said: “TfL has delivered a number of temporary station renamings in recent years and while the station is branded ‘Burberry Street’, in-train announcements, announcements within the stations and staff on platforms will help customers should they require it.”

The TfL confirmed that temporary signage was removed overnight on 19 September and signage within trains, including the in-car digital displays which show what the next station is, and route maps within the trains, were not changed as part of the takeover.

indy100 has contacted Burberry for comment.

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