Boris Johnson has given his first interview of 2020, where he has been quizzed about the tensions between the US and Iran, the situation with the Royal Family, Brexit and his infamously long holiday.

The prime minister has been mostly absent from our screens for the first few weeks of the year as he was still on holiday in the Caribbean island of Mustique in St Vincent and the Grenadines and we're sure he had a lovely time.

In this time, though, there have been all sorts of things going on including the assassination of a top Iranian military general by the United States and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wishing step down from their duties in the Royal Family, arguably two stories that we'll still be talking about by the end of the decade.

Johnson was quizzed on many of these subjects, plus others by Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast and it proved to be a characteristic chaotic interview in the typical style that we have come to expect from the prime minister.

Firstly, people weren't too confident that Walker, who is hardly Andrew Neil, would get many talking points out of Johnson.

Credit where credit is due to Walker who did manage to get some truly puzzling quotes from the PM who started by admitting that he was still on holiday when he heard of the killing with Soleimani but did work "very hard" when he heard about the situation, which is reassuring.

He was keen to tell us about going on a diet this year, which is an image that we will struggle to get out of our minds.

He also wasn't too eager to talk about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British-Iranian who has been detained in Iran since April 2016.

Moving on from Iran, Johnson was asked his thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's request to take a step back from their duties in the Royal Family.

Johnson admitted that he was a "massive fan" of the Royals and that he was "absolutely confident that they are going to sort this out."

Next up was the small matter of Brexit which will be happening in a few weeks but almost nobody knows what is going on with it, including Johnson.

At least, he appears confident that the UK will leave the EU on January 31st and that Big Ben will 'bong' to commemorate the occasion...if they can first raise £500,000.

Then the old '50,000 more nurses' quote made a return from the dead, which is probably the most unexpected comeback since Jesus Christ.

To top it all off, he tried to talk about going vegan but seemed to struggle with the concept of vegans not eating cheese.

Goodness me and to think, we've got five more years of this to come.

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