Does Brexit make you horny?

No, us neither.

But Boris Johnson has suggested that Brexit is going to fill the nation with such happiness and optimism that there’s going to be a baby boom.

So Brexit means... Babies? Move over Brexit, hello Sexit... We'll let ourselves out.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Johnson claimed that “Cupid’s darts will fly once we get Brexit done” and that “romance will bloom across the whole nation”. He said there had been a baby boom “after the Olympics, as I correctly prophesied in a speech in 2012”.

But, as is often the case, this claim doesn’t quite stand up to the scrutiny of actual facts.

The Guardian reports that, across the UK, the number of babies born in 2013 was actually down on the previous year. So if there was a “baby boom” it seems to have escaped the Office for National Statistics. It’s true that people were filled with optimism following the Olympics, but not true that this prompted them to start making lots of babies.

Also, why would Johnson even want a Brexit baby boom?

The climate is careering towards catastrophe – in no small part because the planet is dangerously over populated. The Tory approach to the environment is so dire that, in reality, they should probably be hoping for fewer babies. But perhaps with Brexit on the horizon, Johnson wants the children to pick fruit from trees to fill the holes in the work force?

It’s not like the Tories have a strong record on supporting families, particularly young mothers.

Research shows that women bear 85 per cent of the burden of austerity and it’s almost impossible for young families to get on the housing ladder because of the housing crisis. Universal Credit has been an unmitigated disaster and Sure Start centres, which aim to give children the best start in life, have suffered badly because of government cuts, with 20 per cent shutting since 2017. NHS maternity services are stretched to breaking point and then there’s Johnson’s infamous remarks about single mothers, who he once said are raising a generation of "ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate children".

But who knows, if there's a baby boom, then maybe the prime minister will finally tell us how many children he's fathered?

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