Speaking in parliament today, former Labour, former Independent Group, former Change UK and current Lib Dem MP Luciana Berger managed to sum up in the simplest terms exactly why we voting for Boris Johnson's deal would be absolutely absurd.

She explained that Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay admitted that no economic analysis had been done on the impact of Johnson's proposed Brexit deal.

How does the prime minister anticipate that members on all sides of this House, in good faith, for a deal that's going to impact on our country for decades to come, can be expected to vote on such a thing today.

Berger's criticism came before MPs sensationally voted to approve the Letwin amendment which now means a delay on MPs voting on Boris Johnson's brexit deal, forcing the PM to request a Brexit extension in accordance with the Benn act. The meaningful vote is now set to take place on Monday.

The simplicity of Berger's point seems to have resonated, and everyone agrees such a blind vote is absurd and it's unclear whether more analysis will be available for MPs in this timeframe and there are serious deja vu vibes after the 2016 referendum saw people vote on leaving the EU with no clarity on what it would actually mean.

MPs will vote on Johnson's deal on 21 October.

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