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The Queen has just approved a request from the Government to prorogue parliament, just days after MPs return to work in September, and weeks before the Brexit deadline, and people think it's representative of Boris Johnson killing democracy.

The BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg commented that the move will make way for Boris Johnson's administration to hold a Queen's Speech, which will lay out the government's plans on October 14.

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However, the move also means that MPs are unlikely to have time to pass any laws that could prevent a no-deal Brexit on October 31, reports the BBC.

The idea to shut down parliament, known as proroguing, has caused much controversy, with critics of the move saying that it will stop MPs playing their democratic part in the Brexit process.

It goes without saying that people on social media are outraged by the move, and think it's representative of Johnson killing off democracy.

Others were quite simply heartbroken and defeated by the news.

Is the Queen going to... be ok!?

And commented that it was 'anti-democratic'.

As well as 'outrageous'.

Others said that the fate of the country now rests squarely with the Queen.

And the move was also called the 'most right-wing of steps'.

As well as 'anti-democratic'.

Others shared partitions calling that parliament should not be prorogued.

It also became a hilarious meme.

The Queen also appeared to be keen on a gin and tonic.

The move was also called 'cowardly'.

Well, at least it might make for some dramatic television in a few years' time.


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