Rory Stewart shares Little Britain intro in response to Boris Johnson's latest tweet about Brexit

Rory Stewart shares Little Britain intro in response to Boris Johnson's latest tweet about Brexit

Former candidate for the Tory leadership race Rory Stewart has brutally mocked Boris Johnson on Twitter by sharing the intro to British sketch show Little Britain, in response to one of the prime minister's daily messages about Brexit.

In case you don't happen to follow Johnson on Twitter (to be honest, you aren't missing much), the current PM has a habit of tweeting the same saccharine and overly patriotic tweet about Brexit nearly every single day.

The tweets often take excerpts from his speech outside of Downing Street on his first day as PM and feature a quite frankly comical montage of random places from around the UK and even a shot of the Red Arrows in full flight.

As we said, this type of tweet has become almost routine for the PM and people are starting to get a little tired of this daily piece of boring, un-creative symbolism that only serves as propaganda.

However, we are confident that no one had a better response to Johnson than his Tory colleague and possibly the only MP to come out of this year's leadership race with any credibility; Rory Stewart.

Stewart became something of a cult hit with Remainers as his eccentric personality and dare-we-say-it sensible approach to Brexit won over some, who probably would have never dreamed of supporting a Tory.

Anyway, Stewart's unique approach to his job practically peaked on Tuesday evening when he replied to the aforementioned Johnson tweet with the intro to Little Britain.

If you are of a certain age you might not remember Little Britain but for a brief overview, it was a successful sketch show starring Matt Lucas and David Walliams which basically poked fun and some of the more surreal elements of British life.

It would almost definitely be considered to be far too controversial for television today but Stewart's tweet did give people a brief chuckle.

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