On July 22, the country will discover who our new prime minister will be, and the odds are that Conservative MP Boris Johnson will make it to the top job.

However, now, it's been revealed that the prospective prime minister doesn't even know how much the minimum wage is, which is now known as the living wage. Yes, really.

In an interview with Sophy Ridge on Sky News on Sunday, the prospective prime minister was asked:

What is the living wage then?

In response, Boris said:

Well, it's at or around... £10 or so.

And, unimpressed, Ridge said:

It's quite a lot lower than that. It's £8.21.

In order to attempt to qualify his dodgy numbers, Johnson then said that he was actually talking about the London living wage, however, Ridge was still less-than-impressed.

Sharing the clip to Twitter, lawyer and journalist Peter Stefanovic wrote:

Boris Johnson thinks the national living wage is £10 an hour. On 1 April it rose from £7.83 to £8.21! This is how out of touch with the day to day struggles of the majority of people in this country the man who wants to be our next Prime Minister is!

Other social media users were sadly not surprised by the clip.

And others said that the living wage for those under 24 is even lower.

At other moments in the interview, Mr Johnson was quizzed on whether he fails to take full responsibility for his actions and words.

In response to Ms Ridge, he said:

I take personal responsibility, most importantly, for the vote to leave the European Union.

I played a part in that campaign and I'm very proud of what we did but I take personal responsibility now for what is happening to our country, for the drift and the dither, and the indecision, and the failure to be sufficiently robust in the negotiations which we've seen so far and what I want to add now is my own ability, I think, to lead us out of this mess.

However, when pressed on Brexit, he was still vague:

The money, the £39bn, I would suspend that in creative ambiguity, wait until we get a deal and then solve the problems of the Northern Irish border.

Johnson has seemingly had previous problems when it comes to what constitutes an acceptable 'living salary' and in 2017 The Sunday Times reported that the former foreign secretary had told friends that his annual earnings of £141,405 were 'not enough to live on.'

Well, things are looking rosier and rosier for the future of this country, aren't they! Roll on the rest of 2019...!

HT Sky News

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