Ed Miliband mocks Boris Johnson by making his own model bus

Ed Miliband mocks Boris Johnson by making his own model bus

Boris Johnson made headlines earlier this week after bizarrely admitting that as a hobby he enjoys making buses out of old wine boxes and painting them.

This absolutely baffling admission from the Tory leadership contender left a lot of people confused and the former foreign secretary open to a lot of criticism.

However, we don't think that anyone has done it better than Ed Miliband. who mocked Johnson by painting a bus of his own.

In an advert for his next Reasons to be Cheerful podcast live show in Clapham, London, Miliband, complete with Johnson's trademark unkept hair, is seen painting a wooden crate.

The former Labour leader is asked by his co-host Geoff Lloyd what is he doing, to which the 49-year-old replies.

Do you really want to know this? I'm painting this crate and then I'm going to paint the passengers enjoying themselves on this wonderful bus.

Lloyd responds by saying that it is a great idea and that maybe they could sell it at the future live show as merchandise.

The hilarious clip which was shared on Twitter on Wednesday has already been viewed more than 33,000 times and people are loving it.

Miliband will take to the stage of the Clapham Grand for a live show of his Reasons to be Cheerful podcast on 28 June.

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