Boris Johnson's pleas to the public to stay inside and practice social distancing appear to have fallen on deaf ears as people across the country still continued to go outside to mass gatherings, potentially exposing themselves and others to the virus.

Shocking photos and videos emerged on social media this weekend of swathes of people, who despite having no pubs, cafes, cinemas or leisure centres to visit, still finding ways en-masse to congregate in parks and markets, fragrantly ignoring the prime ministers call for social distancing.

Here are images from locations such as Victoria Park, RIchmond Park and Broadway Market in London, as well as spots like Snowdonia National Park in Wales, which reportedly experienced it's "busiest day for visitors in living memory."

Here is the London Underground and commuter trains into the capital on Monday morning too.

Now the prime minister is facing increased pressure to bring in stronger measures and a widespread lockdown to prevent people from needlessly going outside and spreading the virus.

Johnson has been accused of sending mixed messages to the public in his daily press briefings, especially as it emerged on Sunday that his now-scrapped 'herd immunity' strategy had come from his controversial advisor Dominic Cummings.

Johnson has now been branded as 'culpable' for the rapid spread of the virus in Britain, with many urging him to take a different approach to many aspects of his and the government's response to the outbreak.

At the time of writing, the UK has recorded 5,683 positive cases of coronavirus and 281 patients have sadly died. It should be stated that out of the 78,340 people that have been tested, 72,657 came back as negative.

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