While some might suggest he get into some Brexit negotiations, Boris Johnson has instead taken to learning how prisoners smuggle drugs into prison.

As part of a general “crackdown on crime” that will overall cost £2.5billion, Johnson visited HMP Leeds to discuss his plans to beef up prison security. Speaking to staff, he said:

We will stop the drugs, weapons and the mobile phones coming in, so we can safeguard victims, protect staff, cut violence and make our prisons properly equipped to reform and rehabilitate.

Maybe not so surprisingly, he also revealed just how out of touch he is when he learned how prisoners manage to smuggle in the drugs. “A kinder egg? He's plugged it? You are joking?” he’s seen asking incredulously after being shown on a screen. He can't quite get over the idea of it and keeps asking whether the uncomfortable guards are joking.

Johnson also said that he believes that x-ray machines for more prisons will help people to “feel protected”. While some have praised his decision to be the first prime minister to visit a prison in seven years, others are questioning whether he's focusing his newfound power and energy in the right places.

Just the other day, Johnson came under fire for his plans to increase the instances of stopping people to search them as black people are disproportionately subject to “stop and search”.

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