We all thought that we had seen it all when the Tories tweeted a meme of Jeremy Corbyn dressed as a chicken but it would appear that the UK's governing party had another trick up their sleeves.

The Tories have actually produced a bucket of chicken (or what they are trying to pass off as chicken, anyway) with a JFC logo on it plus Corbyn's face as well as the slogan 'totally spineless chicken' and are sending it to journalists across London.

This completely bizarre stunt was soon all over social media, and needless to say people were not impressed with the Tories attempt to try and goad Corbyn into backing a general election.

There is also a chance that 'JFC' could be misunderstood as something else...

Even MPs can't see the funny side.

This is hardly the first time that the government has used fried chicken to promote an agenda...

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