Boris Johnson's first few weeks as prime minister have not been the stroll in the park that he would have wished for as he has now set a very unwanted record.

Following Tuesday's defeat of his government's no-deal Brexit legislation, he suffered another defeat on Wednesday as MPs voted against his bid to call a snap general election.

Earlier he had also tasted defeat as he failed in an attempt to block MPs from voting to take no-deal off the table.

Amongst all the confusion and the chaos that Westminster has already seen this week, it may have gone unnoticed but Johnson is now the first prime minister in history to lose his first three votes in the Commons, as reported by the Mirror.

Johnson would have hoped that this completely humiliating fact would have slipped by the wayside but after losing the third vote, the fact was all over Twitter with folks more than happy to revel in his misfortune and more than one reference to Theresa May, who didn't exactly win that many votes during her time in charge.

Let's not forget that he also lost his working majority in the Commons so all in all, it's been a 'great' week for the prime minister and it remains to be seen how many more votes he will win or lose in the near future.

HT Mirror

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