Boris Johnson just told EU workers 'we want you back' and people are furious at his hypocrisy

Boris "Get Brexit Done" Johnson just told EU workers to "come back" to the UK to improve the economy.

When asked by Italian journalist Marco Varvello about migrant workers hoping to come back to the UK after lockdown, Johnson said:

What I’d say to our Italian friends, Italians who want to come back in the UK is ‘come back'. Tutti benvenuti! 

Come back to London or the UK, but you’ve got to quarantine, everybody has been lockdown for a long time, I know it’s an imposition but we’ve really got to defeat this virus. But we want you back.

Tutti benvenuti means "all welcome" in Italian.

Given the fact that the government's immigration bill is set to end freedom of movement in the EU, people were baffled by Johnson's response.

The sentiment seemed totally at odds with Home Secretary Priti Patel's immigration plans.

Has he forgotten how much he loves Brexit?

Maybe migrant workers were pretty good for the UK economy after all.

And who's to say they want to come back now?

In the wake of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, the UK could be headed for a major recession.

Perhaps this was not the moment to suddenly realise that EU workers are pretty good for the UK economy after all.

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