Now Boris has resigned and the internet can't handle it

Move over, David Davis. Your sensational resignation as Brexit Secretary is old news now that Boris Johnson has resigned.

Yep, Johnson has plunged Theresa May's government into further disarray, when Davis's resignation had already dragged them so far into turmoil that David Cameron's promise of chaos with Ed Miliband sounds like a feeble joke from a lucky, parallel world.

And some wonder why people call the former foreign secretary attention-seeking.

A Downing Street spokesman somehow found the time to state:

This afternoon, the prime minister accepted the resignation of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary.

His replacement will be announced shortly. The prime minister thanks Boris for his work.

For now, all we can do is wonder who will step into Boris Johnson's massive, clown shoes and enjoy the memes.

Plenty of people were glad to see him go (for now, at least).

There were on-point theories.

There were perfect puns.

And some were already thinking of ad revenue.

Nothing says summer like BBQs, ice cream and earth-shattering political resignations.

Also, it's coming home. Or he's going home. Whatever.

But the question on everyone's lips is whether the Tories might be crashing out the World Cup. Sorry, the government.

Though perhaps Theresa May can adapt.

And, also, is 2018 ok?

Even 'The Queen' is wondering what's going on.

And the people of Love Island blissfully have no idea.

Though Harry Maguire has got it down.

Thankfully, fate of Britain rests on strong shoulders.

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