Boris Johnson left speechless when asked why no Tory candidates in Sunderland are from the local area


When Boris Johnson, man of the people, hasn't been busy taking private jets for 25-minute journeys, he's been campaigning across England to hold his position as prime minister.

While campaigning in the North East in his hi-vis, Johnson was asked about the candidates that the Tories have selected for Sunderland, none of whom are from the city.

At a public speech, the prime minister was asked by a man in the audience:

Why have you chosen Conservative candidates here, who are not Sunderland Conservatives from Sunderland?

They are from Kingston upon Thames, from Kensington in London and from Warrington in Cheshire.

Johnson attempted to stutter out an answer in response, saying something about the Duke of Wellington and reiterating that he believes his candidates will do a "fantastic job". He also mentioned Tony Blair, but as always, the answer was hard to decipher.

He then, unironically added:

It would not be fair to discriminate against people on the basis of where they come from.

The man who pitched the question did attempt to push further, but with no luck.

His visit to the North is part of an attempt to win over firmly-held Labour seats, but it's proving unpopular so far.

Some people have called his speeches full of "lies", and few seem to be convinced to change their vote, while others have critcised him for his comments about 'discriminating people for where they come from.'

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