Activists show up at Boris Johnson's HQ with 2000 rubber ducks

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Boris Johnson has been accused of “ducking” questions about his personal life, so activists decided to flood the street of his campaign HQ with rubber ducks.

2,000 ducks.

Young activists from Our Future, Our Choice came out in their droves at 1pm for the protest.

They are deploying the ducks with the hashtag #BoJoNoShow because they believe “Boris Johnson is ducking the British people and the Brexit reality in his bid to become prime minister.”

Our Future, Our Choice

They added:

Since his leadership launch, Boris Johnson has skipped two primetime head-tohead debates with his fellow leadership contenders. The number of interviews he’s done can be counted on one hand. He’s yet to do a single event open to the general public, and has not campaigned in public either. He’s ducking the British people.

Ducks are okay but have they tried buses?

People stood in front of Johnson’s HQ holding signs that read “stop ducking the people” and “#BoJoNoShow” amidst a sea of yellow toy ducks.

Well, less sea more puddle really (turns out 2000 rubber ducks isn't actually that many rubber ducks). But you get the point.

Communications director at Our Future, Our Choice said in a statement about the stunt: “He is ducking the Brexit reality. All of his plans for Brexit are not credible, derided by Brexiteers in his own party like Liam Fox, and branded by figures in Brussels as “bullshit.” He has told Remainers in his party that he will avoid No Deal, yet promised Brexiters in his party that we will leave on 31 October “do or die.”

OFOC activist Ed Shackle added:

As a Conservative member, I find it deeply upsetting that Boris Johnson is trying to become prime minister whilst ducking the British people and the Brexit reality. How can we trust him to lead until he starts engaging with the general public and confronting the reality of the Brexit mess?

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