On Tuesday, Boris Johnson was confirmed as the new prime minister of the UK after besting Jeremy Hunt in the contest to become the new Tory leader.

The former mayor of London was elected with 66 per cent of the vote, amassing 92,153 votes compared to Hunt's 46,656.

According to the Guardian, just 87.4 per cent of the Conservative party members voted in the election which works out as just 0.13 per cent of the UK population.

While nearly everyone in Britain has been left aghast by Johnson's ascension to the head of the British government, the way that he became prime minister has not gone unnoticed in the United States.

In a scathing segment on the MSBNC network host, Lawrence O'Donnell lamented the fact the Johnson won with such a small vote, claiming that the UK had outdone America's 'crazy electoral college.'

In the now-viral clip, O'Donnell, speaking on his The Last Word show, said:

If you think the electoral college is crazy, then the United Kingdom has just outdone it. Boris Johnson just became the new British prime minister without even having an election. 

He was chosen by a private vote of members of the Conservative party to replace prime minister Theresa May who quit because of the impossibility of implementing Britain's exit from the European Union, commonly referred to as Brexit.

Just over one-tenth of one per cent of the British population actually voted in the Conservative party choice of a new PM. The voters included children because there are no real laws about this kind of private voting in a party and the voters were obviously dominated by people who like Boris Johnson but do not distinguish between fact and fiction.

The New York Times op-ed piece by British writer James Butler says 'Boris Johnson is how Britain ends' such is the gloom in Britain tonight.  

O'Donnell then goes on to compare Johnson to Donald Trump, something that the president did earlier this week, while also suggesting that Russia helped in Johnson achieving his goal.

Boris Johnson is regarded as the 'Donald Trump of the UK,' which means that Donald Trump likes Boris Johnson. No British prime minister has ever been more unpopular on their very first day in office than Boris Johnson. 

Like Trump, Johnson made it to the top of British politics with the help of Vladimir Putin and Russians who attacked the British voting system and helped deliver an electoral victory for Brexit in a referendum four years ago.

Like his predecessor, Boris Johnson is promising to do the impossible and negotiate a new exit deal with the European Union and like his predecessor is promising to do the impossible by leading the United Kingdom out of the European Union without any exit deal at all which would instantaneously bring a level of chaos not seen in Britain since World War II.

Before signing off to go to a commercial break, O'Donnell said that Trump now has competition for "most reckless and incompetent leader of what was one of the most important and stable governments in the world."

The clip has been shared on online by Twitter user David Hall has already been viewed more than 1.7 million times on Twitter, with people saying that this type of coverage for a sitting PM wouldn't happen in the UK.

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