Boris Johnson is to be the next prime minister of the UK, and though he won on a fairly significant majority vote from the Tory party, the rest of the UK are divided – and Americans across the pond are sending their commiserations.

There have been comparisons made between US prime minister Donald Trump and Johnson, including their anti-immigration stance and past racist comments, as well as the controversial nature of their premiership.

And because it’s the internet and there’s a meme for everything – there’s also a meme for this.

Lots of US citizens have taken to Twitter with letters addressed to UK citizens, like this one by Jake Maccoby:

Dear UK citizens:

We get it - we didn’t vote for our guy either.


US citizens

Americans unhappy with Trump were quick to send their UK family thoughts and prayers

Dear UK...

"Hang in there"

"Good luck"

"Welcome to crazytown"

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