Trump compared himself to Boris Johnson in a bizarre rambling speech

Trump compared himself to Boris Johnson in a bizarre rambling speech

Donald Trump has claimed British people call Boris Johnson “Britain Trump” in a bizarre rambling speech.

The US president showered Johnson with praise following his victory to become Tory leader and the UK’s next prime minister, at an event for conservative youth group Turning Point USA yesterday.

Trump said:

We have a really good man who is going to be prime minister of the UK now - Boris Johnson. Good man. He’s tough and he’s smart. 

They say Britain Trump. They call him Britain Trump, and people are saying that’s a good thing. They like me over there, that’s what they wanted. That’s what they need.

Firstly, Trump's claim that British people like him is quite simply “fake news” as 67 per cent of people (at the time of writing) have a negative opinion of the president in the UK, according to YouGov.

And regardless, no-one calls Johnson “Britain Trump” because that’s not how English works…

In addition, Johnson might be unhappy that Trump drew a direct link between him and Nigel Farage by saying the Conservative and Brexit Party leaders would do “tremendous things” together.

In the recent leadership election, Johnson said he did not believe the Conservatives “should do deals with any party” (denying a Conservative/Brexit Party pact) and said his party needs to put Farage “back in his box."

It’s also worth remembering what the new prime minister said about Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign...

It seems unlikely Trump will be so kind to Johnson if he ever watches that video.

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