Boris Johnson's new spin doctor used to dress up as a chicken and mock Tories

Boris Johnson's new spin doctor used to dress up as a chicken and mock Tories

Boris Johnson has appointed Lee Cain as his new head of communications, serving as the prime ministers chief spin doctor following a stint as his press aide in the foreign office.

Cain who has a background in journalism previously worked for the Daily Mirror where he was once tasked with ridiculing Tory MPs while dressed as a chicken.

During the 2010 election, Cain became known as the notorious 'Mirror Chicken' who would show up at public events and taunt the likes of David Cameron as they 'chickened' out of questions during the campaign.

The tabloid paper claims that Cain is the man in a chicken outfit that can be seen protesting outside of BBC studios and chasing Cameron, prior to his victory nine years ago. A former colleague of Cain's is quoted as saying:

Lee was a great Mirror Chicken. He attacked the role with real zeal and great passion. The news desk were so impressed with his work he was used on a number of occasions.

I vividly remember him coming to the newsroom and prancing around still in his full outfit like a rooster. It’s hard to believe a man with his past of taunting the cowardly Tories is now such a powerful figure inside No 10.

Picture:Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Cain, who was previously the head of broadcast for the Vote Leave campaign, will now be responsible for the government's message to the general public and will play a key role in the distribution of information about no-deal.

The story even made it on to the front page of the Mirror and yes, the jokes wrote themselves.

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