The Rock says Boris Johnson was family, immediately regrets it and disowns him

The Rock says Boris Johnson was family, immediately regrets it and disowns him

Dwayne Johnson tried to joke about being related to Boris Johnson and it didn’t go as planned.

The Rock, as he is fondly referred to, was being interviewed on Good Morning Britain by Ross King about the upcoming release of Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, in which he stars alongside fellow bald muscular action man Jason Statham.

During the segment King informed Johnson about what was going on in the UK – namely, that we got ourselves a new prime minister.

“Got a new prime minister,” the 57-year-old announced. “Boris Johnson. He’s an action man.”

In a typical display of Rock sarcasm, the movie star decided to run with a joke – that he and controversial Tory leader are related. Because same surname, right?

He said: “Yes, absolutely. And he’s family, by the way. You don’ know that, now all of Britain knows.”

Laughingly, King responded: “He’s family? Who knew?”

Wearing a bright grin, the Rock revealed: “He’s my cousin. It’s like looking in the mirror.

'Every time I see Boris.”

Upon hearing the news, the majority of the British public can be summed up using this Jonah Hill classic:

People online responded in kind

Following the less-than-enthused reaction online, Dwayne updated his Twitter with the following:

Well according to the people, maybe we’re not related after all

Big mahalo to my people who I can always rely on to give me the real talk and swift perspective & education on the individual I did not know

Tequila on me, Britain

Upon learning that the Rock had been unequivocally joking, people were relieved

The Other Johnson 4 PM

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