31 of the most astonished reactions to Boris Johnson's 'car crash' liaison committee appearance

31 of the most astonished reactions to Boris Johnson's 'car crash' liaison committee appearance

On Wednesday evening Boris Johnson appeared, digitally, before the liaison committee of senior MPs to answer a variety of questions and it was hardly his finest moment as prime minister.

Johnson was primarily asked questions about his handling of the Dominic Cummings scandal and whether his chief adviser will face an investigation. Surprise, surprise, he doesn't want anything like that to happen.

Other questions that Johnson wasn't entirely clear included social distancing, the furlough scheme, public funds and his regret for the lack of women featured in the daily coronavirus press briefings.

There were as many highlights to this hearing than the average episode of Match of the Day so let's kick things off with this question from Labour's Yvette Cooper, which will probably haunt Johnson for years to come.

It was really downhill from there for Johnson who struggled to string an answer together and raised eyebrows on more than one occasion.

One of the most startling moments was when Johnson said that he had been "forbidden from announcing any more targets and deadlines." Forbidden by who? Isn't he the PM?

Perhaps Johnson's most shameful moment of the entire hearing was when he expressed his regret for the lack of female involvement at the daily briefings. When pressed on this by his fellow Tory MP Caroline Nokes, Johnson looked somewhat flabbergasted and could only say "oh boy."

Strangely Nokes apologised on Twitter as her questions was clearly too tough for some.

Johnson also appeared to have literally no idea that people who are legally allowed to be here have no access to public funds. Once again, this man is the prime minister.

Comedian Josh Berry managed to sum up the entire fiasco in just over a minute.

Still, this probably isn't the worse thing that Boris Johnson has done this week.

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