Boris Johnson mercilessly mocked for setting up a LinkedIn account to 'support businesses'
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Boris Johnson has just joined LinkedIn.

The prime minister currently has fewer than 10,000 followers.

The point of this endeavour, apparently, is for him to dispense "the latest guidance and support for businesses".

So far, Johnson has shared information about the government's new Kickstart campaign, an initiative designed to create jobs for 16 to 24 year olds.

He has also filled in his work history, although he left out the jobs he was fired from.

While an MP for Henley, Johnson was sacked from his roles as Tory vice-chairman and shadow arts minister for lying about an extra-marital affair to his party leader.

He was also sacked from The Times newspaper for making up a quote that was printed on the front page.

Not that people noticed...

Some people hope Johnson's new LinkedIn profile means he's looking for a new job.

Although he recently dismissed rumours that he's considering resigning as prime minister as "absolute nonsense".

Others accused the prime minister of pulling a "publicity stunt".

The government are currently encouraging people to go back to work.

Johnson was mercilessly mocked for his new profile.

Does he really need to network?

Let's see how much a prime ministerial LinkedIn account really does to support businesses and tackle unemployment.

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